Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Day

Today we got up with a plan.  We were both home today so we decided to get some things done, including our taxes and getting the ball rolling with the adoption agency.  The day did not stick to our plan.

The morning started off pretty well, Chris went to play basketball early this morning and he brought home breakfast for both of us, which was really nice.  Once we decided we needed to start on our day's plan we cleared off the kitchen table, put the dogs out back, and lit some candles in an attempt to keep ourselves relaxed as we started on (dun dun dun...) our taxes.  Let's just say I really hate filing our taxes.  We have done them ourselves since 2006, but it never really gets any better, does it?

Four hours(!)  later we were pretty much done so we headed upstairs to print and file our copy of the tax return when all of a sudden we hear our smoke detector going off from the kitchen.  I got downstairs to find one of our candles on fire (as in the whole candle was on fire) and starting to burn our kitchen cabinets.  Chris took it outside (using oven mitts) and I threw water on it, but that made the fire explode about five feet in the air!  It was crazy, I was almost sure it was going to burn my eyebrows off or something, but once it was all over we couldn't stop laughing.  It was just so rediculous!  So, if anyone has candles from Bath and Body Works, just use them for decoration or something, don't light them.

Once our taxes and candle fiasco was finally done it was about 5pm so our plan to talk with St. Mary's was clearly not going to happen. We were able to send the agency our information to ask them to contact us, so we hope to hear from them next week.  I am excited though, I have heard nothing but good things about them.

Well you would think that was the end of our day, ending on a happy note by making first contact with our potential adoption agency, but we decided to go out to dinner to "celebrate" the end of today.  Well, after a 45 minute wait I was told my ID was not acceptable because it expired in November- November, people!  Then Chris tasted my fish and confirmed he is, in fact, allergic to fish.  Luckily it was nothing to major, mostly a scratchy mouth and throught and upset stomach.  It could be worse.  Annnnd last, but not least, I rammed a curb in my car, which was just the icing on top.  (No real damage, luckily, just a scratched rim)  So this day is definitely over for us.  On the bright side it was like one big adventure all packed into our day. :)  We like adventure sometimes, it keeps things interesting, and makes for funny stories.

As you can see, we are clearly no strangers to crazy-ness.  I believe this will bode well for us when we have to deal with the insanity that can be international adoption.  And we can definitely keep ourselves laughing through it all.  Oh, and blogging about it, of course.


  1. Hey Sarah! I'm all late, but I just read your blog. I'm so happy for you guys! I know there's a little one out there waiting to come home to you. I hope this process is as smooth as possible for you. Good luck and keep us posted.